About Revosquad


Opportunity For Everyone

How cool is it that you get to empower a friend and someone else is right there willing to empower you too. Honestly speaking, we all know that is a very rare circumstance. Most people we offer help to turn their backs on us when we need help too. This is a community where we empower others and also get empowered so we can get financially liberated.

To go fast you go alone, but to go far you go with people.

Revosquad is a Peer-to-peer direct payment platform where you get to empower a fellow member and 4 members get to also empower you within 2 weeks. No payment is made to a central payment system and all payments are made directly between members, as opposed to other platforms where the system admin makes the sole decision of who to pay to, when to pay and how to pay members money.

On this platform, there are no registration fees. You sign up for free and proceed on the exciting journey to your financial liberation. Yes, not only are you empowering someone, you are also building an empire for yourself wherein you will never ever get broke again.

This is not a business, a company nor a corporation. Revosquad is simply a funding platform built by some group of people for the people to make donations to one another. The aim is to improve the economy around us and make life