How It Works


Revosquad is a mutual community where members empower other members to be in turn, empowered.


When you log on to to register, please note that you are to have the sum of $25 handy which will be required of you to empower a fellow member. Your registration would be complete when you have successfully made payment of $25 to empower the member which you have been matched with, and this member has confirmed the payment and in turn activated your account. After your account has been activated, you now have the chance to refer others with your referral link which can be found on the dashboard after login.

Note that your account would be deleted in the next 24 hours if your payment is not made and confirmed by the member. Your IP address which is will be blocked from registering after your account have been deleted twice.

After account confirmation; login to your Revosquad account and click on “My Account” which when loaded, provides the required information. Note: your contact details and account details provided should be very accurate because that would be an access for connection to the members who are to empower you. After paying $25 and being activated, it is pertinent to refer members to be empowered and you likewise will be empowered.

Whenever you are empowered, go to your Revosquad account earnings and confirm that the person has paid you. This is also very important.


Discover The Loaded Levels

Level 1

This is the first level in your journey to financial freedom. This level is activated when you have successfully empowered the member which the system has matched you to after completing the sign up process with the sum of $25. This is the level where you build your squad by inviting others with your referral link, after which 4 people will be matched to you to empower you with $25 x 4 = $100.

Level 2

You upgrade with $50 out of your profits from the first level by empowering the member which the system has matched you to. This is also a 2x2 matrix. The system automatically matches 4 people who are also upgrading to this level to empower you with $50 x 4 = $200 giving you a net profit of $150 in this level.

Level 3

It is a 2x2 matrix as well. In like manner, you empower a member with $100, to upgrade to this level. In respect to your ability to empower $100, you automatically upgrade to this level where 4 other members will empower you with $100 x 4 = $400 i.e. net profit of $300 upon each time you empower a member in this level.

Level 4

At this level, the same process is applicable since it’s also a 2x2 matrix where you empower the matched member with $200 thereby activating this level for 4 other members to empower you with $200x4=$800 after you’ve empowered a fellow member and been activated to this level.

Level 5

It is also a 2x2 matrix. Upgrading to this level will take $400. At this level, you are empowered with $400 x 4 = $1,600 .

Level 6

This is the final level. In the same manner, you upgrade to this level with $800, and you are empowered with $800 x 4 = $3,200.

NOTE: Each level has multiple stages i.e you can continue to enjoy the benefits from each level over and over again until you decide not to activate the next stage thereby dumping your account.
It is very important to understand that these business avenues operate independent of the other and you can actually empower and re-empower your squad members at each level comfortable to you as a member.