About Squad Pilot

Who is a Squad Pilot?

Squad Pilots are very important to Revosquad. They serve as the foundation and strength of the platform. They communicate and share valuable knowledge to people on how the platform works. Pilots also serves as the main publicity of the platform to invite new members and also conduct conferences in their locality. Squad Pilots are strong advisers and assist participants of the platform when they have some difficulties through customer support.

About us

Requirements of a Pilot

Requirements of a Pilot

We require certain attributes from our users in order to upgrade them to the
position of a squad pilot. These requirements includes:


Being Influential

We need to know that you can use your influence to invite new people to the platform. By doing this; the platform can continue in it's vision.


Social Interaction

Squad Pilots needs to be able to organize and manage a social media account to promote and educate people about the platform.


Customer Relationship

Squad Pilots must be able to relate effectively with revosquad members to solve common problems they are having and also able to educate them.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Benefits and Responsibilities of Being a Squad Pilot

Being a Squad Pilot comes with a whole lot of benefits and
responsibilities towards the platform.

$100per day

Bronze Pilot

  • 500 Page Likes
  • Admin Access
  • Customer Support
$200per day

Silver Pilot

  • 1000 Page Likes
  • Admin Access
  • Customer Support
  • Pilot Website
$400per day

Golden Pilot

  • 2000 Page Likes
  • Admin Access
  • Pilot Website
  • Conference Support
$800per day

platinum Pilot

  • 4000 Page Likes
  • Admin Access
  • Pilot Website
  • Conference Support
  • Shareholder Meetings